Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Hills Have Eyes

Oh man. Last night my brother and I were on chat. I could not go to bed after our conversation because the laughter would not ease up. I had to divert my mind to something a bit more calming, like bubble baths and dim lights, snuggle fabric softener, kittens, cowboys. Anything other than Henry Hill.
OK. I love FB. Not fat bastard. Face Book. It really has given me a place to call home, second home, or second flat in the city. I explained to you (me) that I got involved with this writers group. So many LA people on board. Much talent I am sure. I am not familiar with many, but that does not matter. We are all just wanting to share our adventures. If Scorsese himself was on the discussion board, I would just chuckle and move on to the Party without another thought. He is a writer. I would not, even in the slightest, get obnoxious. It is not my style. He is just a talented person who I look up to. Only the greatest director of all freakin time.
I get a friend request from a man who happens to be a part of this writers group. He was probably putting in requests for many of the faces who belong on the discussion board. I just happen to be one of them. I am always glad to network and find new and interesting people. We all know how FB works. Once we are accepted, we can browse through their list of friends and their whole FB page. I believe even before acceptance we can browse through the friend list. Out of 600 friends, one gets a second glance.
Henry "the fuck is that" Hill. Henry Hill, Henry Hill, Henry Hill. Why does that name sound familiar? Since I have a mutual friend with Henry Hill, I am able to click on his FB page and browse his wall. As soon as I saw the link to his "Good Fellas" art work offered on EBay, the Ahhh moment hit and my interest in Mr. Hill peaked. While I do not condone that "gangster" type of behavior or try and glorify it, I can only be curious as to what Henry Hill has been up to? A painter, a writer, a friend, a boyfriend. He is out of witness protection and I am now witnessing HIS Face Book page. I am also feeling a little apprehension because I am not his friend. I did not want to violate his privacy but had to take a peek at his photo page. A couple of photos of him and one in particular, a Mr. Raymond Liotta. I click on Liotta's link and I get to his FB.
The plot thickens.... LOL. It is still a tad bit soupy. When I click on Ray Liotta, I really feel that I am intruding. Seriously, I am not a friend of his either. Davey pops up on chat."Hey Dave, I was on Ray Liottas FB. I do not know how I got there?" "What?" I somehow got to his FB through Hill. We are both laughing our asses off and I tell him to hold on so that I can link back to Raymond. One moment. I go to Mr. Hill's wall and click onto his photo page. Guess the freak what. That photo is gone. I tell Davey and ask him if there are FB police? "Don't say another word" he says. I now have my brother paranoid. I do not want to be known as a stalker to the "stars" and neither did Dave. For a brief moment, I think he was a afraid we would get wacked. For a split second, I too was afraid and I closed the Book. The Hills have eyes.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Park Them Boats At The Doc!

Babe, I have neglected you. You have been tossed into mediocre madness, forsaken. Left for dead. Uncontrollable rotting, like a sink full of dishes. It is my sole duty to make sure that I have this dance with you at least once a week..........I am playing the infidelity card and its name is Face Book. But at last, we meet again. Here I am, dance little fingers, dance.
Ahhhh. New love. Face Book has showed me the way to the next whiskey bar and its name is Writers Doc Party. I have only begun to drink, just a couple of drinks. I am pretty buzzed so I have decided to go for shots! I have noticed that egos are left behind and some really, truly inspiring talent gives me a peak into the industry. There are roughly 3000 members of publishers, reporters, writers and producers who come together in a sort of panel discussion on their passion for writing. Who am I? I am just a fly on the wall enjoying these discussions, asking questions that come to mind and getting wonderful feedback. I am no where near their accomplishments, but I am at the point of no return. I will learn from this group. In such a short time, I have realized the importance of social networking, a tiny bit about this industry, and how grateful I am to be apart of this lovely intimate gathering.
Thanks Writers Doc Party for inviting me into your genuine haven.