Friday, October 2, 2009

Park Them Boats At The Doc!

Babe, I have neglected you. You have been tossed into mediocre madness, forsaken. Left for dead. Uncontrollable rotting, like a sink full of dishes. It is my sole duty to make sure that I have this dance with you at least once a week..........I am playing the infidelity card and its name is Face Book. But at last, we meet again. Here I am, dance little fingers, dance.
Ahhhh. New love. Face Book has showed me the way to the next whiskey bar and its name is Writers Doc Party. I have only begun to drink, just a couple of drinks. I am pretty buzzed so I have decided to go for shots! I have noticed that egos are left behind and some really, truly inspiring talent gives me a peak into the industry. There are roughly 3000 members of publishers, reporters, writers and producers who come together in a sort of panel discussion on their passion for writing. Who am I? I am just a fly on the wall enjoying these discussions, asking questions that come to mind and getting wonderful feedback. I am no where near their accomplishments, but I am at the point of no return. I will learn from this group. In such a short time, I have realized the importance of social networking, a tiny bit about this industry, and how grateful I am to be apart of this lovely intimate gathering.
Thanks Writers Doc Party for inviting me into your genuine haven.

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