Monday, March 28, 2011

I'll Take A Stick of Butter, Eggs, And A Pack Of Carnies.

Make that a wild pack and throw in grandma Carnie who sews like a son of a stitch. I want their costumes to shine like the top of the "I'll take a Chi-town three flat" building and gleam like 72' fondue and when that's all said and done- these brothers from another mother better be good in the sack. Oh yeah, I am not going to have these suckers be like the 1932 rat pack in "Freaks," but so slick and good lookin, their side burns have a black book. They get the chicks, they get the money, they get the Gary Glitter outfits and they totally get "The Best Of Bread." Wink, wink.

Listen- if you made it this far, I am so laughing at myself and these crazy 70's cliche's. That's what the decade was all about, cliche's and crochet hanging plant holders. That probably is not what the decade was all about but what do I know. Welcome to my outline/notes, where randomness and cynicism prevails. Have a nice day.

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