Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Adam's Apple, Goiter, and Thyroglossal Duct Cysts

OK. so I may be spelling Thyroglassal Duct Cyst wrong. Sorry...... I guess I can do spell check on this? Well...... I have been to other blogs and diary's and websites that have people speak about this TDC and here I am about to speak about mine. Thanks to those who shared their info on surgery and Dr's visits and such and for showing pics.
I had this Cyst show up a few weeks ago on a Sunday, day after garage sale and friends over for Mexican food. Had a great time and that was the last night of me having a nice, normal, slender neck which I was proud of. I hate my neck now! I asked my daughter and husband if they could come and take a look at me and tell me that I always had this protruding Adam's apple. They told me it looks swollen and that they did not think it was always there but they were not sure. So, I knew I had to go and check it out and sure enough it is not supposed to be there unless I was a man. I must say that I have seen some women with more pronounced Adam's apples but unfortunately I am not one of them. So off to Ear Nose and Throat Doctor, he feels it is the TDC and sent me yesterday for a Cat Scan. Was not too bad. I was not fond of the Contrast that gets injected through my circulatory system so that the bastard can light up like a Christmas tree and give the Dr's a better picture of the structure of the cyst. I could feel the warm liquid go through every part of my veins, hitting my heart with a Kurplunk and then down to the groin area where the sensation of warm bathtub time crept in and then out through the toes and gone in a flash! I am going to be a mess when they have to put me under. I know I will be the one who feels the whole surgery only to be paralized.......

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