Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Just Getting Started

Ok. I am not a fan of blogging because I have never in my life tried it but I have all these crazy things that I find amusing in my mind that I should write down and by the time I think about grabbing a pen and paper, I forget. That is nothing new in general, happens all the time and now that I am starting to blog, I have nothing amusing to say, at this very moment. So, where do I write all of my info down? Have to look around on this site and see where profile, likes, dislikes, etc. go. I had a friend who blogged and I felt she was a fabulous writer. Where are you friend? That was years ago when I used to follow her every word and now she is lost and i can't find her. Maybe she will stumble upon mine and we can reconnect..... So, welcome Amy, (that's me) to Blog Blog Blog. How freakin uncreative................ Must change that.......

1 comment:

  1. Hooray for you!!! Another clandestine writer breaks out into the open!!! I promise to read your every...every...every day!!! I started my own blog several months ago but it isn't ready to be unveiled yet....hopefully soon!!! Amy, this will be such a rewarding endeavour for you and all of us who partake!!