Sunday, December 27, 2009

Holiday Recapitation

Just a few thoughts off the top of my head on what the holidays meant to me and my family this year. This past November, my cousins and I travelled to his shedelicious abode where we ate, drank and became merry. It was absolutely fabulous. On our way to the upper peninsula, we stared out of the car and watched a women peek through a window at Bev's Supper Club. Come to find out, Karen Black was quite upset that we missed her performance, "Hey, Don't Drive Away, Please Come Black." Her "one women show" is never complete without the paraphrase, "Nobody is flying the plane." I am told that she sits and waits for us. For a moment, we think about purchasing tickets for her next performance. Next time Karen. We had a glorious dinner under the stars and we danced (in our heads) like gnomes in candle light.

Kristmas at Kell and Dave's is never without joy. Got together for raw sausage balls, Willy Wonka and The Kolaczki Factory cookies and Tacos. Eve at its finest! Can't complain about the door prizes for our Wii Bowling tournament. Fondue set, a wok and a grill! Did I mention the bottle of Brandy?
On an end note, today is my mom's birthday. This classic Italian/Finnish Rizzwold fiesta ended with Tai food and birthday cake! Oh, must not forget how much the cat loves my mom's Christmas tree icicles and regurgitates them all over her house. That is the last photo of the day. Mom bending down, sweeping the floor (with her hands) and I think putting the cat puke icies back on the tree! Happy Birthday you senile women. Oh the joys. I am truly blessed.

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