Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas Kids And Stay Out Of The Tetanus Room!

When you have four kids, it is impossible to hide the Christmas gifts in your closet, under your bed or in your sock drawer. They are sneaky, mischievous creatures, sniffing around and spotting things out of place. A squirrel finding his nut buried deeper than an amaryllis bulb, a mother helplessly searching for her glasses so that she can find her way to the bathroom without holding on to the walls, a man searching for his car keys only to find glimpses of silver sparkling in the bottom of the toilet bowl and grandma searching for her long lost bottle of Riesling only to find it in the hands of the blind mother who never did find her glasses. Could I run on a bit more? These are minor nuisances that are easily corrected and everything eventually will fall into place. But, there is still the chance of little tiny hands harvesting Christmas wrapping paper, plucking and tossing and smiling at all of the goodies that Santa dropped off a tad bit early. So, for this reason, we decide to quarantine gifts inside the man garage where the infestation of tetanus runs as rampant as newborn bunnies on Easter and tales of old Kris Kringle are replaced by the lockjaw boy who at one time, was sticking his nose in his daddy's man garage business where gifts were hidden under big piles of rusty soaked wood pieces. Will this get their attention? Every once in a while we will tell them to hush little babies and take a moment to hear the rusty rattles of the ghost of Christmas Tetanus Past. Stay out children, stay out!

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  1. LOL. Love it. Hope you did have the Lockjaw's Comin' Todd Rungren song in your mind -- otherwise, you're reading Todd's mind! You could do worse...