Monday, December 20, 2010

You Are In A Church......

I am never on his blog so the fact that I even have a few followers is a miracle so just bare with me as I type a bunch of nonsensical ramblings to help me piece this short story together. If I do not get back on for weeks, that means that this story will be buried next to the other one and will forever be at peace. From our writing prompt this past Sunday...."You are in a church.".....

"Who needs a wrist band?" shouts the young man as he shuffles up and down the brick-paved sidewalk. "Who needs a wristband?" He stops abruptly to bend down and pick up a penny. He gives it to the young girl who holds her mom's hand intensely and squints her eyes as if she is refraining from saying something she will regret. "Young lady, do you know why you're here?" "I'm here to see the Father." (at this time, not sure what the name is.) " Why such a sweet faced angel would need to do that?" "I'm here to repent."
She releases her grip from her mother and continues to move forward. A long line of sinners follow.

Sinner #1
Susie Q
(At this moment I am hearing CCR's "Susie Q" and a cowbell. Camera is panning down the same brick- paved road and stops, pointing directly to a woman's face.)
"I haven't quite picked out my pew for the replacement chairs to my 1908 farm table. I am delighted to see an ad in Craigslist for a pair, but I think a bit pricey." (OK- now I am stuck. Let me get out of this scene and go back to my "original place" for the introduction to "Sinner #1"- Chelsey Hotel.)


  1. Amy -- I'm not sure where you're going with this but I WANT TO KNOW so keep it up, show us some more sinners. I'm already cracking up at the Craiglist pew for Miss Designer-Lady. And I love the visual of the squinty little girl, having been one myself,and what she is refraining from saying.

  2. Laura, I was going nowhere with it. Sad but true! Maybe I will come up with sinner #1's story.