Wednesday, July 22, 2009

If We Don't Know, We Cannot Grow. Why I Didn't Get Hired By Demand Studios.

I can only imagine what goes into the psyche of the thousands, millions of applicants who get denied for a position. "Thanks for your application. At this time we do not have work available in your area of expertise. We will keep your application for future reference." Actually them are kind words. Words softly blown with just the right amount of pressure to tap that ego and go huh? You know the rest. A quick sigh followed by a wake up call. A brief moment where your bubble gets burst, reality sets in and your superhero, mommy can do anything her heart desires mantra comes crashing down. Girl, wake up, you have not had anything tangible published in many years. Nothing, nada. The only thing published is the chalk written grocery list on your Picasso chalkboard paint in the kitchen. Chalk it up sister, compose yourself and throw away your "I can do anything" attitude in the compost bin. Be humble.
What does make us feel better is closure. That's right. Kulowzure. We want to know what is it in our resume that , plainly put, sucked! Was it the fact that we were overqualified. Yeah, that's it. My mom says that everything is done by computers in terms of the weeding out process. The computer looks for keywords and if those keywords fit the description of the job, you will then be weeded a bit more until basically you are bagged and tagged and ready for Mondays pick up. I think I will rest that theory. What is it? What is wrong with our resumes? OK. What is wrong with my resume? There were a gazillion freelance writing jobs available from a company called Demand Studios. Demand Studios publishes "eHow" type articles that employs talented writers and editors. I thought with my newspaper background I would land a position. Was it the application I filled out? I should say that my husband filled out part of it because I was having a hard time submitting it. It was getting kicked back to me. He did not capitalize certain proper nouns and if I was an editor, I probably would not hire me either. Did they look beyond that and check out my blog? Did they see that I am a mother, housewife, interested in mortuary science, worked for The Kane County Chronicle and loving blogging thus far. There is enough basic knowledge there to contribute to the WWW's gene pool without it landing in the dead pool. How hard is it to write informative eHow articles? Can I write an article on "how to find out why you are not qualified enough to write how to articles?" I still would like to write for them so I sent them a letter asking them why I was denied. I hope they will keep my resume and reconsider for the future. In the mean time, I will continue writing and growing and applying for other freelance postions. I also would like to hear constructive criticism from this company. I hope that businesses would give a more in depth rationalization as to why we are not hired. If we don't know, we cannot grow. That my friend, is closure.


  1. You tell'em girl. I love and enjoy your writing style...and I love the title of your column. Keep going. You're doing great.

  2. Dad, Demand Studios is hiring for experienced golf professionals to write articles on the game and teaching. You should look into it for extra money!

  3. This may be your best article yet... Keep writing!

  4. You need to send them this latest blog. Heck! All your blogs! You rock girlfriend! cousin. fellow mom. writer.

  5. I am right with you on this Amy. I have gotten many of those...We appreciate your interest in working at (fill in the blank) and have received your online application for the position of (fill in the blank). Unfortunately, after careful consideration, you have not been selected for this position.

    We will retain your candidate file in our database and may inform you of job openings that match your profile if you selected this option. We also invite you to visit the Career Section on our Web site to review the latest openings.

    Thank you for your interest and all the best in your job search.

    So, basically what they are telling me is that...1)I don't qualify or 2)I'm overqualified. Why don't they just come right out and tell you the reasons why? I would want to know for the next company I apply at, ya know?