Monday, July 27, 2009

This Thing Called Blog

Yes, I thought Sawing Blogs was a catchy title and a little silly. The votes are split on that one. What I am trying to do is find my blog in this world. I do a search and it does not come up with the current title. I have spun this web and still, can not find it. I can find my old blog name. Should I change this name too? Is third time the charm? I've got to contemplate. There are too many bleepin Sawing Blogs out there! Kellblogs Rice Crispies. Lincoln Blogs. Blog In. What About Blog. And So Blog. Is there Box People?
Box People. From the creative minds of babes comes the ultimate square family. My daughter and her friends are never bored. They are not smoking Marlboro Reds at the pavilion. They are not dressing up in their mothers clothes, painting face and strolling the streets of Forest Park. They are not calling boys, spinning the bottles or sneaking sips of whisky. They are using their brilliant minds and coming up with ingenious, innate forms of entertainment. They are producing the next Nick Jr., the next children's book, the next Mattel toy. They are introducing us to the world of Box People!
There is momma and daddy box, brother and sister box, cat and dog box and let us not forget Grampa box. He's pretty hip to be square. He can compute, in his block head, square roots like nobodies business. He uses a crane to walk. Family time consists of stacking each other up and knocking each other down.
"What do squares do?", my son asks. Squares are rocks. They are strong, independent quadrilaterals. They give us a heads up on the size capacity of ones habitat and they absolutely love to climb to infinite levels of grandeur. "And what do blogs do"?
What do blogs do? If I can only catch a glimpse of these little girls' minds. I can probably come up with a better name for my blog, and an explanation for my son, about this thing, called blog.

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