Friday, July 17, 2009

Out Of The Mouths Of Cats......

Meet the Beatles. Yes it is true, they are truly living in my house. All four plus two more , possibly managers, not quite sure.... Still have the crazy mop top hair do's. Can't ever have peace and quiet in my own home. They are always making music, or some type of racket I suppose.... Getting calls in the middle of the day, most likely asking them to get right to the studio. There is this red van that escorts them to their destination. Must be the tour bus. Must have repainted it at one time, used to be sort of yellow, kind of submarine like. I would like to point out that four of them follow the managers like some kind of lost puppy, always asking to be dressed and groomed accordingly. Those managers cook and clean for them, bandage their broken hearts, and by golly one of those freakin Beatles is still in diapers! I kid you not! Yes, meet the Beatles right here on Gladstone for some unforseen reason.... All four plus two more.... OBLADI.... Orion, Bryce, Laila, Amy, Derrick and Indigo. OBLADA!

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  1. Your mind works in strange ways.