Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Thou Must Not Hate. Thou Must Tolerate.

I want to keep my blogs lighthearted so I will not go very deep into this discussion, nor will I research like a true journalist all of the intricate details on this case. I will ask some questions though.
Really, I want an objective stance on this Hate Crime bill. What rights would be taken away from the many Christians who are emailing me to sign a petition that objects this bill? What is the real fear? I am not sure I understand correctly? I am not writing this to start a debate. I would think the opposition to this "homosexual" addition is about freedom of speech and that should never be taken away. I guess some feel it is the fear of losing that first amendment in the name of religious freedom. Does this hate crime bill not protect religious discrimination? Do we all not want a little protection? I have read the articles from Focus on Family, the doctors who support NARTH - National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuals and their views, but I must be an idiot because I am not understanding it at all. Why would we not want to help those being discriminated against? Isn't that what a true Christian does? What I do understand is that I have compassion for people in general, the human race, all creatures great and small. It is the human condition. Everyone needs protection, help, a handout here and there. Everyone needs protection from violence, hatred. I surely can understand if this bill does infringe upon that right to free speech, that would be a problem. But isn't the ultimate problem tolerance?

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