Friday, July 24, 2009

SEO, The Wave of The Future

No it is not, it is the present. SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimization, is the way web content gets thrown into search engines. Certain key words will help bring the article to the forefront of the search engine list. I guess it works in a mathematical, algorithm kind of way. It likes around 250 words, I think? It is also living and breathing, I think. I do not know much about it but I am trying to figure out how certain articles are in the top ten and some are in the bottom ten thousand in any given search. I thought I was finding gold with SEO but appears that my computer geek husband found it first. No-one told me! The reason I was getting excited about learning this system is one, I would like to know how blogs reach an audience other then the five that I have ( props to you all)- and two, I just was accepted to write copy content for a site called Text Broker. While I did not get the Demand Studio job, I did get this one and received my email this morning. I had to submit an article on my favorite city to visit and of course I picked Chi-town. I pulled three topics- shopping, museums and food and wrote a 250 word article on the sights to see.
Once their editorial staff reads a submission, and if it is accepted, they will give a rating of two to five. Depending on the number, one can choose from a list of topics needed for web content. The article will be edited and tossed into the marketing sea of dreams. If Textbroker's clients like the work, it is possible to work with the client independently for more money. Textbroker pays monthly to Paypal account instead of weekly like Demand Studios. After five articles they will rate again. If the the number goes up so does the money. I was rated a three which is labeled "good writer". Five is "professional writer". Those "professional" writers probably get paid more cents per word. My three rating will pay between four and six dollars an article. Pretty slim you are thinking? Think about it though. If I can write at least three an hour, that is fifteen bucks an hour and I believe they range from 250 words to 500. It is the experience I need to try again for Demand Studios and work for both. Demand gives bylines but Textbroker does not. I should not complain. I now have a "payed to write" job. Thankyou Textbroker. I just need to brush up my knowledge on Five Star Mead notebooks. Avo Uvezian Fine Cigars and FugiFilm FinePix A610 cameras. Welcome to the world of content writing!


  1. Hey Amy...Mike has heard of the Avo cigars...maybe talk to him about it on Saturday!

  2. Too funny, I just added that in as a little blurb. I don't really have to write an article on that. Just thought how funny because I know nothin about a lot of things and how can I write about something I do not know enough about for a client? It is not as easy as I thought but I pulled through on the pink purse!:)